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Catalyzing Web3 innovation through expert guidance

Welcome to our SparkXchange program, where the paths of UX experts and Web3 startups converge in a symphony of collaboration and growth. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as we unlock the true potential of the Web3 realm. Join us and let your expertise shine as we create meaningful connections and ignite the spark of innovation.

How Does It Work?

Program Duration

Recommended 3 months for meaningful feedback exchange on projects.

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Safety Measures

Access granted based on matching startups' and mentors' needs, expertise, and project requirements disclosed in the application form.


Program Format

Private forum connecting startups and UX experts to discuss user pain points.


SparkXchange is Free

No direct earnings for mentors, but compensation can be negotiated for continued collaboration based on the value provided.

How to Join?

I'm a startup

Are you a startup striving to elevate your user experience, overcome your UX pain points or receive general feedback on your UX? Look no further! Join our SparkXchange program and gain access to a world of guidance and expertise.

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I'm a UX expert

Calling all UX experts, visionaries, and design wizards! It’s time to showcase your talents and make a lasting impact on the web3 landscape. Join our “Expert Pool”, where your skills and passion will shine brighter than ever before.

Project's Overview

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DeFi Pulse

Open ~ 31 Jan, 2024

Project Type: 


Experts Count:


Group 32993 (1).png

Project A

Open ~ 30 Nov, 2023

Project Type: 


Experts Count:


Group 32993 (1).png

Project B

Open ~ 29 Sep, 2023

Project Type: 


Experts Count:


Expert's Overview
Ellipse 369 (1).png

Valentinie Wong

UX Researcher

  • LinkedIn

Supported Projects: 2

Ellipse 368 (1).png


Web3 Expert & Project Manager

  • LinkedIn

Supported projects: 2


Luka Kapetanic

Founder at Little Captain, UI/UX design

  • LinkedIn

Supported projects: 0


Alessio Zazzarini

Mixed Methods Researcher

  • LinkedIn

Supported projects: 2

Ellipse 370 (1).png

Celine Lee

Product Designer

  • LinkedIn

Supported projects: 1


Navneet Kaur

Product Designer at Tria

  • Website

Supported projects: 0

Ellipse 367 (1).png

Ashley Liu

Director of Product & Service Design

  • LinkedIn

Supported projects: 2


Andrea Di Nardo

UX Designer & Researcher

  • LinkedIn

Supported projects: 1


  • Can a project have multiple experts?
    Yes, a project can have multiple experts if the startup finds it beneficial to seek guidance and expertise from multiple UX professionals.
  • How often should startups engage with their experts?
    The frequency of engagement between startups and experts can vary depending on the project's needs and mutual agreement. We recommend regular communication to foster a productive mentorship relationship, which may involve scheduled check-ins, feedback sessions, or ad-hoc discussions.
  • Can the collaboration between startups and experts continue after the official program duration?
    Yes, if both the startup and experts find value in the collaboration, they can continue working together beyond the official program duration. The mentorship program serves as a starting point, and further engagement can be mutually discussed and agreed upon.
  • What criteria should startups meet to be eligible for the SparkXchange program?
    Startups of all stages are welcome to join our program,whether you're in the early ideation phase or already have a functioning product looking to improve your user experience. To ensure a meaningful knowledge exchange, you are expected to have: a) Clear project goal b) Target audience of your project c) Showcase of your project – Wireframe/ prototype/ project on Testnet/ working project
  • Can I apply for the program if I have new iterations or projects?
    Absolutely! Feel free to fill in the form again for each new iteration or project you'd like to seek mentorship for.
  • What are the criteria for becoming an expert in the SparkXchange program?
    We value experts with strong UI/UX backgrounds and a willingness to adapt their skills to the Web3 context. We welcome experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and guiding startups in improving their user experience. Having experience in Web3 UX is a plus!
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